Teorema matemático criado e provado de propósito para episódio do Futurama

Acabo de saber pelo Neatorama.com que o produtor do Futurama, David X. Cohen, pediu a um membro do staff com doutoramento em matemática, de nome Ken Keeler, para criar e provar um teorema de propósito para o décimo episódio da próxima temporada da série...

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  • Black and White images have been neglected ever since the introduction of colour into film photography, due to the fact that colour is ‘best’ and what we see (colour) is the true beauty of a scene/object. As this is the case now, whenever black and white images are created it is perceived as a kind of artistic aesthetic that the photographer has wanted to achieve and considering colour is the norm now, this photograph is viewed in a different light and more of an artists creation rather than the representative. So, I hope to get you more creative in experimenting with your photographs with these easy Black and White conversion processes!

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  • Solution to online banking by having an USB key with some bootable Live Linux distribution solely dedicated to serve our online banking needs can be very handy not even when traveling, but also when used on day to day basis. Usually, computers are shared among colleges, family members or friends and therefore chances are very high that our personal details will be made available to some fraudsters and their sophisticated scams and software. What is more, encrypting our non-persistent USB key will make Live USB online banking desktop worthless when falling into enemy hands. Therefore, there is no harm of storing our online passwords directly on the USB itself using an application such as gorilla-password ( double encryption ). Perhaps the outcome of this guide is not as good as the famous IronKey with all its shiny features, but we would all missed the fun if there will be no space to improve it.

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