Teorema matemático criado e provado de propósito para episódio do Futurama

Acabo de saber pelo Neatorama.com que o produtor do Futurama, David X. Cohen, pediu a um membro do staff com doutoramento em matemática, de nome Ken Keeler, para criar e provar um teorema de propósito para o décimo episódio da próxima temporada da série...

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Favoritos do dia 07/11/2010

  • Vazaar is a Personal Information Management which has the aim of helping you to build your own knowledge database. It’s powered by Semantic Web technologies which bring the power of the semantic to your Personal Desktop. As this is my first approach to this kind of technologies you can consider this version as a proof of concept.

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  • A UN treaty called the WIPO Copyright Treaty requires countries to pass laws protecting "software locks" (also called DRM or TPM). Countries around the world have adopted the treaty in different ways: in the US, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibits all circumvention of software locks, even when they don't protect copyright (for example, it would be illegal to for me to break the DRM on a Kindle to access my own novels, were they sold with Kindle DRM).Brazil has just created the best-ever implementation of WCT. In Brazil's version of the law, you can break DRM without breaking the law, provided you're not also committing a copyright violation. And what's more, any rightsholder who adds a DRM that restricts things that are allowed by Brazilian copyright laws ("fair dealing" or "fair use") faces a fine.It's a fine and balanced approach to copyright law: your software locks have the power of law where they act to uphold the law. When they take away rights the law gives, they are themselves illegal.

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  • The first problem that you may experience with Outlook Express or other email clients is that you have these multiple folders that seem to be duplicated. The problem is that by default Squirrelmail places folders under the INBOX locations while Outlook and other clients will place them at a top level. This is a problem that can be easily fixed.

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  • Linux isn’t the easiest platform to use when it comes to music production. But it is one of the most flexible, and there’s no argument against it being the cheapest. This is particularly important if you have a musical bent, because few musicians are lucky enough to be able to freely spend money on their passion, making Linux the perfect choice. And regardless of price, if you don’t mind a little GUI graft and a slightly steeper learning curve, audio software on Linux can compete with the best commercial developments. PureData can replace Max/MSP, for example. Audacity can replace Wavelab. Either Muse or Rosegarden can take a fair crack at Logic or Cubase’s crown.But the most mature and capable application in the Linux canon is Ardour. It’s the free software equivalent to the industry standard ProTools. It doesn’t have MIDI, nor ProTools’ hardware lock-in, but it’s just as flexible and stable when it comes to audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Which means, if you’re into making music, there’s no better option on a budget.

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